What would we do without television? Of course, we live in a time when the entire world is accessible to us with a single click, all with the help of electronic devices. Laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets — we know very well what’s in our interactive media toolkit. But nothing compares to that classic feeling of attentively changing channels, and today, we’ll tell you why DIRECTV STREAM is worthy of your remote.

Into the Essence of DIRECTV STREAM

While you’re probably familiar with DIRECTV STREAM already, we’d like to review its basics with you. As you may know, DIRECTV STREAM is associated with live TV. And that association is correct — this is a multichannel streaming TV service. It’s available in the USA, and subscribing to it means you’ll be able to enjoy popular programs offered by famous broadcast and cable networks.

The content of said programs can range from sports and news to newly released shows. Sports buffs can cheer for their favorite teams in real-time, for every moment in front of the TV screen is an opportunity to attend actual sports events from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, show and movie enthusiasts can record their adored flicks and watch them whenever they want. But how is all this possible?

DIRECTV STREAM – No Strings or Cables Attached

One thing that helps you celebrate your inner TV-phile is the provider’s way of delivering programs. Instead of bringing lots of channels to you via cable, DIRECTV STREAM uses your internet connection to quench your news and athletics thirst. This internet approach means you can stream or rewatch everything you intend to at home or somewhere else (we’ll tap into this later)! After all, it’s 2023, and TV on the go is what children of the digital era expect.

But, although experiencing such freedom is enough to opt for this service, it’s not the only compelling convenience offered to customers. DIRECTV STREAM users are also not required to sign an annual contract when opting for one of the available plans. Instead, you make monthly payments, meaning you can easily unsubscribe if, for some reason, you have a change of heart about the service. That said, you pay for it only if you appreciate its quality.

Learn more about how DIRECTV STREAM works.

Transparent Fees

Apart from having the advantage of cutting all ties with the provider if you’re dissatisfied with its offerings, there are also no hidden fees. That said, you know how much your preferred plan will cost you from the start. And that’s quite a perk in an age of bills and unforeseen taxes that add up to take a juicy bite of your hard-earned salary!

On that same note, you also get straightforward explanations about the discounts available depending on your subscription. It’s all out there, in the open, and it just takes a bit of reading on the service’s site to find the information you need.

Bye, Bye, Satelite Dishes

Once cooler than Idris Elba himself, using satellite dishes as TV receivers is now a dated practice. With the world going more and more wireless by the second, it’s only normal not to want to set up a bunch of super-sized equipment to watch TV. You want to go tiny and almost invisible, which is what DIRECTV STREAM is about.

In other words, when opting for the service, you aren’t signing up for a NASA-level steel sombrero on top of your roof. All you need to have to stream is a stable, high-speed internet connection. As long as you’re enjoying speeds of at least 8 Mbps, you’ll have a great experience with the service regardless of the plan you choose.

Plans That Offer Value for Money

The DIRECTV STREAM plans come packed with many features. Depending on the one you settle for, you can get from more than 75 to over 150 TV channels! And that’s not all — each of them includes the following:

  • Unlimited Cloud DVR storage
  • Streaming on an unlimited number of devices when at home (limited to 3 concurrent out-of-home streams)
  • A special offer on premium channels

But despite the features they share, each plan is best suited for a different user base. Let’s take a quick look at each option.

  • Entertainment Plan: It’s your basic, affordable portal to a realm of 75+ entertaining TV stations.
  • Choice Plan: Being the most demanded of all packages, it grants you instant access to over 105 channels, including ones where you can watch NBA, MLB, and college sports games.
  • Ultimate Plan: Best for families, this option allows you to invest in your domestic bliss with 140+ news, entertainment, and sports channels.
  • Premier Plan: The most feature-istic of all options, this plan invites you to take a deep dive into a sea of more than 150 TV stations and ride the wave of current happenings with premium networks.

And if you want to seal the ultimate deal, you can always throw in some premium channel add-ons to your package. Max, STARZ, Showtime, MGM+, and other great international channels are among the programs you can get for an additional fee (included in Premier plan). Why settle for less when you can have more for just a tiny extra amount? For all the details, check this DIRECTV STREAM packages info page.

DIRECTV STREAM – Hello, Live Sports

Needless to say, choosing DIRECTV STREAM is like moving into a top-notch sports arena solo and with no disturbances. Thanks to this service, you can watch NHL hockey, MLS soccer, tennis, golf, boxing, NFL football, and more! Moreover, you can experience the thrill of major golf tournaments and tennis matches in real time!

Bombastic events like the World Baseball Classic, NBA Finals, and the Olympics are also covered. Of course, which networks you get access to depends on the monthly plan you subscribe to. However, hardcore sports fans are in for a treat no matter their plan, with the option to stream sports in Spanish para los que quieran ver la victoria de sus equipos favoritos en su idioma. Learn more about the DIRECTV STREAM in Spanish.

User Freedom in Store

Not only is DIRECTV STREAM fit for a diverse customer base, but it also promotes user freedom of the highest grade. Remember the unlimited hours of Cloud DVR storage we mentioned earlier? What about the option to watch TV from as many devices as you want when using your home network? Well, those aren’t the only perks there to ensure you’re consuming TV content at your own pace.

With this service, you also get to make simultaneous DVR recordings! You know very well that some shows are too sacred to miss. But sometimes, you can spot two or three of these going on TV at the same time. That’s when DIRECTV STREAM comes into play, helping you avoid a migraine from deciding which show to record and watch later.

TV Everywhere With the DIRECTV App

In the previous sections, we already said something about the TV on-the-go option, and we’ll now elaborate on that. You could be a businessperson or prefer being outdoors. You could also be a digital nomad determined to travel across America. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice TV time to live the life of your dreams. With the DIRECTV App, you can access all the channels you want everywhere and anytime!

Get the application on whichever device you like, and you’ll never miss anything. Plus, you get to fiddle with a bottomless TV library! Not all of us will have a Before Sunrise situation while riding on a train, so why not spice things up with some TV?

DIRECTV STREAM – Wrapping It up Cablelessly

As you can see, DIRECTV STREAM is a service for the streaming TV user who likes having many options regarding how they spend their TV time. It’s ideal for those who value different kinds of TV entertainment and want to access it whenever they wish. Is this you? It is? Then, the service might be worth your time and money.

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